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Safety first: and that applies to landfills, too

TeMa Geo Solutions’ thirty years of experience extends to the field of controlled landfills and contaminated sites, with products specially designed for each function to ensure the site is safe, and with investment-conscious solutions, as well as a focus on ensuring peak performance.   Safe landfills legislation In Italy, regulation around the controlled disposal of

Incontriamoci a Ecomondo 2023 - TeMa Technologies and Materials

Join us at Ecomondo 2023

Climate change and extreme natural events are having an impact on the planet’s life balance. The current international focus on the ecological transition and the circular and green economy is making it more and more imperative to make innovative decisions on this front. This is why our TeMa team of engineers and technicians will be

TeMa Building Solutions - geocompositi drenanti in ambito edilizio

Serving multiple functions, drainage geocomposites are a perfect match for geotechnical applications, while they have a number of distinctive properties making them a popular choice in the building industry, too. TeMa drainage geocomposites are light, easy to handle both by carriers and on site, quick to apply… But let’s take a look at the full

Sustainable finance: sustainable development

It’s interesting to realize just how much the environmental culture of a business can be a way to accelerate its development, even by allowing it to access finance that’s vital for its growth and innovation: this is where the concept of sustainable finance comes in. No self-respecting company report is complete without covering sustainability, the

TeMa Geo - TeMa at the 12th International Conference on Geosynthetics

We too will be at the 12th edition of the International Conference on Geosynthetics that will take place in Rome, at the Parco della Musica auditorium from 17 to 21 September 2023, and which will involve a full programme of meetings between professionals (further information about the events here). Four days of training and information

Building - Reinforced earth retaining walls

The function of retaining wall structures is to retain and reinforce soil faces. They can be built in a multitude of areas, including private ones such as gardens and vineyards, as well as public areas such as roads, railways and embankments. They meet the need to recover usable spaces as they can also be built

GEO - Reinforcement of slopes and embankments

Slopes and embankments can be used as road or railway embankments, raised flood banks and floodplains, and even vineyards, especially in a territory such as Italy, one of the countries with the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage landscapes in the world.Many of those greened terraces are true reinforced earth structures, with their stability guaranteed

Coperture zavorrate: dalla ghiaia e alla protezione dell'impermeabilizzazione

Something of an innovation in the Italian building scene, while also being a useful device for protecting the roof, the ballasted flat roof is a solution that can become a distinctive feature of either a residential or commercial building. Unlike the traditional system involving the use of concrete, using gravel is an option that brings

TeMa Corporation - Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

The term lifelong learning refers to the process aimed at ensuring skill levels keep pace with new professional needs and market innovations as they emerge. In the field of residential, commercial and infrastructure construction, technologies and work processes are developing constantly and at a heady pace, driven by research and by the demands of designers.

BUILDING - Superfici a verde tra vantaggi e benefici

In recent years, “green” has become more and more of a buzzword, encompassing simple and cost-effective solutions that can be adopted by anyone with a roof. We’re talking green roofs, which, in addition to bringing undeniable environmental benefits, are the perfect place for relaxing with the family or enjoying summer drinks with friends. The origins

GEO - Valutazioni tecniche nelle opere in terra rinforzata

Reinforced soil walls have proved highly popular in recent years and are produced wherever possible, taking the place of concrete-faced soil retaining wall systems. Employed in a range of different environments, they bring significant advantages, both financial and environmental. Indeed, unlike concrete-faced soil retaining wall systems, they: are sustainable because they give a vegetated finish;

Building - Tips for the correct laying of TMD 1011

For vertical applications, such as foundation walls, and for horizontal applications, such as flat roofs, mechanical protection of waterproofing is required and, often, also drainage: TMD 1011 is a studded membrane, produced by TeMa Building Solutions, that performs both functions: drainage for vertical applications and waterproofing protection for horizontal applications.   A few tips for