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TeMa Geo Solutions - Tunnels and the problems of groundwater inflows and water seepage

We are heading towards summer and finally, after two years of the pandemic, people will be making a mass exodus to tourist resorts again. Those who choose the mountains (or the sea, for example, the Ligurian Riviera) will find themselves passing through more than one tunnel. Italy is one of the countries in Europe with

TeMa Interior - Bagni di design

Large or small, square or rectangular, with or without a panoramic view, the bathroom is always an intimate place that needs to combine functionality with relaxation. It’s a room that’s used very often, which is why everyone tries to make it a pleasant experience and personalise it according to their own taste. A new soap

TeMa Building - Metal roofs and walls

The use of drones in making video documentaries often shows us Italy as seen from above with its combination of roofs that vary according to cultures, landscape constraints and architectural and technical choices. The use of materials such as aluminium, titanium zinc or steel for walls and roofs is an innovative and design-oriented solution that

TeMa Geo Solutions - Landfills

Landfills for inert, non-hazardous and hazardous waste are governed by specific laws in each country, which set out precise regulations on the construction and maintenance of these sites. As they are virtually in the ground and designed for certain types of waste, they must meet environmental and safety standards. Let’s take a look at everything

TeMa Corporation - Proud to be BEE certified

Proud to be BEE certified

Our strength is that we never stop striving for the best, in everything: we are at the forefront in researching new materials, studying innovative solutions, focusing on the environment and exploiting resources… We couldn’t be any less inclusive. Our company operates worldwide, we have branches in practically all continents and the concept of ‘internationalisation’ is

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TeMa Interior - Protect external pavements with drainage geocomposites

Autumn precipitation, winter frosts and scorching summer heat may even be followed by a downpour lasting a few minutes. Terraces and balconies, or outdoor flooring in general, are affected by seasonal and sometimes daily weather events and temperature fluctuations that put the resistance of flooring at risk. So how can we protect them? Drainage geocomposites

TeMa Building - Vapour diffusion, retarder and barrier: how do they differ?

On flat or sloping roofs, water and moisture arrive from outside with atmospheric precipitation. However, water seepage is just as hazardous and is created inside with vapour that may accumulate as a result of temperature changes between outdoor and indoor environments. In building elements, the persistence of moisture and condensation can cause a structure to

TeMa Geo Solutions - Roads

The safety of road infrastructures is the main goal, and maintenance work – whether preventive or supplementary – is systematic. Road surfaces withstand heavy traffic loads and atmospheric changes with significant variations in temperature. Constant maintenance is therefore required in order to ensure even surfaces and the stability of structural elements. Let’s look at the

TeMa Interior Solutions - Swimming pool shower rooms

Don’t smile at the obvious: a swimming pool is one of the most humid environments you can find, especially the changing rooms, where there are shower rooms and often inadequate aeration. Vapour, water drops on the walls and permanently wet floors are the problems we find, but the unknown arises when humidity also penetrates the

TeMa Building - Internal damp walls

Many factors can influence the presence of damp stains on the walls of your home. It isn’t pleasant to find that your walls are damaged low down and you need to do something about it. However, there are ways to prevent the problem directly. Let’s take a closer look at the causes of damp walls

TeMa Geo - Drainage on soccer fields

Let’s take a step back: nowadays, synthetic turf fields are the most cost-effective solution for football clubs, for both the first team and the youth sector. So, the construction of a synthetic system is an opportunity not to be missed. It is therefore important to construct a synthetic field that is ideal for the type

TeMa Corporation - Our approach to green energy

Our approach to green energy

International Energy Saving Day is drawing near and we, being keen to respect the environment by integrating with it rather than forcing it, feel personally involved. We are experiencing a period in which the issue of energy sources has escalated on a global scale, challenging the plans and forecasts of organisations. Events have led to


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