"From foundation to roof" for residential and commercial building,
and civil engineering projects.


A comprehensive range of products and solutions for your construction site.

TeMa Building Solutions is the division concerned with developing technologies and materials designed for the world of residential and commercial building, and civil engineering projects. With a strong technical focus, it aims to provide customers with the most effective solutions by delivering products packed with specialist content.

TeMa products stand out for their effectiveness and performance in a whole host of building applications: foundations and underground structures, retaining walls, pitched roofs, flat roofs required to carry vehicular traffic, flat green roofs, ballasted flat roofs, non-thermally insulated walls, damp internal walls, concrete flooring, stone flooring, concrete castings, render over external wall insulation, liquid membrane carriers, standing seam metal roofs and walls, and construction site barrier fencing.

For each application, membranes, geocomposites, matting, asphalt shingles, special items and miscellaneous accessories are designed to serve various functions, including - amongst other things - waterproofing, drainage, damp-proofing, mechanical protection, reinforcement, vapour barrier/stop/diffusion, acoustic insulation, etc...


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