1. Quality and safety policy

TeMa S.r.l.'s Mission is to provide innovative systems and new technologies in the field of protection, waterproofing and damp-proofing, delivering a consistently high level of professionalism and experience.

The vision is one shared by the group: "to be a global supplier of products and systems for the building and construction industry, with a focus on the continual pursuit of increasingly advanced products and systems. To be there to assist Customers anywhere in the world, providing support with all technical, design and application matters by virtue of the expertise developed over our many years in the market. To be a team that sets itself the goal of listening to, understanding and meeting the needs of Customers."

With the adoption and implementation of the Quality Management System (according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards), it is the intention of TeMa Technologies and Materials Srl to achieve, maintain and constantly improve on the following MACRO OBJECTIVES:

  • achieving Customer satisfaction;
  • delivering products that meet the specified requirements;
  • offering personnel the opportunity to grow professionally through ongoing training;
  • engaging all personnel in achieving set goals;
  • improving operating profit;
  • extending the market segment;

and to do all the above in compliance with legislation concerned with respect for the environment, people and animals, and with occupational health and safety.

To meet the above-mentioned objectives, the Management is committed to:

  • providing suitable resources (both financial/technical and personal/professional);
  • empowering the Quality System Manager to ensure the System in question is managed correctly so that all activities that affect quality and have an impact on Customer satisfaction — determining the Company's success — are suitably controlled;
  • systematically monitoring key performance indicators through reporting processes, and reviewing the Quality Management System at scheduled intervals to ensure it continues to be fit for purpose, appropriate and efficient and, to this end, also determining whether the Company Policy is also fit for purpose;
  • highlighting shortcomings or undesired performance progress, identifying the causes and initiating appropriate Corrective Actions or Preventive Actions in line with the Company's policy of Continual Improvement, providing suitable resources and defining time frames and responsibilities for their implementation
  • conducting the Context Analysis at least once a year to understand the organization and its context, understand stakeholder needs and expectations, specify the measures in progress, identify actions to be initiated to reduce risk and grasp opportunities.

The Management points out that responsibility for meeting the objectives lies with each individual member of staff, and it is the prerogative of each to see that the Quality System be managed actively and continuously improved by motivated, responsible and professionally proficient people.

The Management commits to playing an active role in the promotion and steering of all activities that affect Quality, by distributing the Policy set out herein across all levels, and checking its fitness for purpose, understanding and implementation at regular intervals.

2. Occupational health and safety policy

TeMa S.r.l.'s Management, recognizing occupational health and safety as a key objective to be met by its work organization, has chosen to adopt an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).

To this end, Company Management is committed to ensuring that:

  1. there is ongoing compliance with current regulations (relating to occupational health and safety);
  2. the resources required to meet the set safety objectives are made available and the whole Company structure plays a part — according to their individual functions and skills — in meeting said objectives;
  3. all workers are trained, informed and made aware so that they are in a position to perform their assigned safety-related tasks, which may also involve setting up specific meetings;
  4. the state of worker health is constantly monitored through preventive and periodic health monitoring focusing on the risks to which each operator is exposed;
  5. workers are consulted — which may involve the Health and Safety Representative (HSR) — on occupational health and safety matters;
  6. activities are suitably managed and preventive actions and internal investigations are promoted to ensure good occupational health and safety outcomes, to significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents, injuries or other non-conformances occurring;
  7. whatever needs emerge during the course of work activities are addressed quickly, effectively and efficiently;
  8. cooperation between the Company's various resources is fostered, along with collaboration with Customers and suppliers, with business organizations and with the relevant authorities, in order to ensure workplace conditions are increasingly appropriate for occupational health and safety purposes;
  9. the Policy, Objectives and implementation of the OHSMS are reviewed at regular intervals in order to pursue the continual improvement of occupational health and safety standards in the Company.


Vittorio Veneto, dated 18/09/2018

Managing Director
Luciano Mazzer