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TeMa Technologies and Materials | We develop application solutions for civil, geotechnical and landscape engineering. Innovation and concreteness in order to meet the needs of building in a lasting way, safeguarding the environment in which we live, aiming at the efficiency and seriousness of the distribution chain.

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TeMa Technologies and Materials
Building, Geotechnical and Interior products and solutions with a low environmental impact.

Building Solutions

Building Solutions is the TeMa division concerned with developing protection, waterproofing, drainage, land reinforcement and damp-proofing solutions (to name but a few) in residential and commercial projects and infrastructures.

Geo Solutions

Geo Solutions is the TeMa division concerned with developing innovative protection, maintenance, retention, reinforcement and drainage technologies and materials in the field of environmental works.

Interior Solutions

The TeMa division concerned with developing waterproofing, drainage, uncoupling, and acoustic insulation solutions for interiors - focusing above all on bathrooms as well as for outdoor spaces, like balconies and terraces.

Cutting-edge solutions for every industry

TeMa Technologies and Materials is proud to offer cutting-edge solutions catering to the requirements of construction and engineering industries operating in the following sectors:

  • Infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Architecture
  • Landscaping
  • Buildings

Hillside vineyard



Full range of TeMa Geo materials specifically designed for vineyard installation and maintenance.
Erosion control | Reinforcement | Drainage


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TeMa Geo Solutions - Tunnels and the problems of groundwater inflows and water seepageRead more +13 June 2022 By Tema Corporation in GEO, Tunnels

Tunnels: the problem of groundwater inflows and water seepage

We are heading towards summer and finally, after two years of the pandemic, people will be making a mass exodus to tourist resorts again. Those who choose the mountains (or the sea, for example, the Ligurian Riviera) will find themselves passing through more than one tunnel. Italy is one of the countries in Europe with
TeMa Interior - Bagni di designRead more +23 May 2022 By Tema Corporation in Baths and showers rooms, INTERIOR

Furnishings and accessories for designer bathrooms

Large or small, square or rectangular, with or without a panoramic view, the bathroom is always an intimate place that needs to combine functionality with relaxation. It’s a room that’s used very often, which is why everyone tries to make it a pleasant experience and personalise it according to their own taste. A new soap
TeMa Building - Metal roofs and wallsRead more +13 May 2022 By Tema Corporation in BUILDING, Metal roofs and walls - Drainage and Sound Insulation

The new frontier in metal roofs and walls

The use of drones in making video documentaries often shows us Italy as seen from above with its combination of roofs that vary according to cultures, landscape constraints and architectural and technical choices. The use of materials such as aluminium, titanium zinc or steel for walls and roofs is an innovative and design-oriented solution that

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