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Constant quality and unprecedented environmental and building solutions.

TeMa Technologies and Materials has developed global experience to provide solutions that sit lightly in the landscape while offering high performance in terms of protection and reinforcement, maintenance and drainage in the residential and commercial building markets and in major environmental projects. Since 2013, we have also been doing research into the construction of interiors, developing new high-performance materials for waterproofing and sound insulation.

With a complete and articulated range of products and many other awaiting testing, we like to think of ourselves as a company whose constant innovation helps customers approach their target market with the latest tech and a never-ending stream of new solutions, also in response to direct feedback from technicians, designers and site operators.

TeMa headquarters

History, Evolution, Internationalization

TeMa - short for "Technologies and Materials" - was established in 1993, standing out for its innovation-focused approach driven by those early environmental movements, hence adopting somewhat unconventional methods to cater to companies' desire to go green. Since our inception, the path we have taken has allowed us to expand our sales offering by developing new products, making inroads into new markets and - last but not least - entering into significant business agreements with multinational companies.

These important strategic decisions have given TeMa a global reach, laying the groundwork for our internationalization. Hence our original Vittorio Veneto facility near Treviso in Italy has been joined, in succession, by: TeMa Iberica (Spain), TeMa North (Russia), TeMa Med (Turkey), TeMa Romania and TeMa North America (USA). With its sales network, TeMa is now present in 80 countries around the world.

Headquarters and facilities



Vittorio Veneto - Italy

TeMa North


TeMa Iberica


TeMa Med


TeMa North America


Replastica plant

TeMa Romania


TeMa South Africa

South Africa

TeMa India


Passion for innovation

Our R&D teams provide the support our customers need, coming up with the ideal solutions they are looking for. Our growing portfolio attests to the level of our commitment to tech innovation; our dogged pursuit of expertise is backed by strong partnerships with research institutes and universities. To keep pace with global infrastructural challenges in the industry.

Presence and responsiveness in 80 countries

Every hour is a new day. Our people are strategically placed in 80 countries around the world to serve our customers and their projects. Good partners providing global coverage and local support: customers appreciate the fact that we are local enough to be responsive, i.e. able to deal with issues quickly in the various different areas. Our experts are on hand to help our customers with their projects at every stage of the process, from on-site support to bespoke product solutions.



TeMa is a partner to IWIS, a "thinking holding company" established to manage its member companies synergistically, enhancing all aspects of each: production, sales, operational, logistics and R&D.

It is called a “thinking holding company” because it is a group of businesses that understands the critical thinking and ideas required to meet the diverse expectations and demands of an entire chain of professionals, retailers, building contractors and waterproofers.

With 13 factories, 18 subsidiaries, distributors and a sales network covering 96 countries, IWIS is a reliable global supply partner, providing an extensive range of products and systems for the building and construction industry. With its product development clearly focused on research, IWIS offers products and systems that always make use of the latest technologies.




We preserve the environment we live in.
We use renewable sources.
We invest in R&D.
We use recycled materials.



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