In compliance with articles 13 and 14 of the European General Data Protection Regulation, also known by the acronym GDPR (ref. EU no. 679/16) and, at the same time, as required by art. 13 of the Italian Privacy Act (D.Lgs. no. 196 of 30 June 2003) over the transition period, TeMa srl, in our capacity as Data Controller, hereby issues this Privacy Statement regarding the processing of personal data acquired as a result of you browsing our website. Please note that this Privacy Statement is valid only for this website and is not applicable to other websites that you may be taken to via links. The Data Controller cannot be held responsible in any way for third-party sites.

The Data Controller is TeMa - Technologies and Materials - S.r.l - Via dell'Industria, 21 - 31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV) - Italy.

Processing in connection with the web services offered by this site is carried out at the Data Controller's premises and is handled only by personnel specifically tasked with processing and by the provider of this site's internet and hosting/housing services. In addition, said processing is handled only by technical personnel from the department tasked with processing, or by individuals who may be tasked with occasional maintenance under the Data Controller's strict supervision.

Usage data
During the course of their everyday operation, computer systems and software running this website acquire certain personal data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols. This information is not gathered in order to be associated with specific data subjects but it could, by its nature, through subsequent processing and association with data held by a third party, lead to your identification.
This data category includes the IP addresses or Domain Names (DNS) of the computers utilized by users who connect to the website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses, the time of the request, the method utilized to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the server's answer (successful outcome, error, etc.) and other parameters about the operating system and the user's IT environment. Data are used only for the purpose of producing anonymous statistical information on the use of the site and to check the site is running properly, and are deleted as soon as they have been processed.
Data may be used for the purpose of establishing responsibility in the case of potential computer crimes against the website; in all other cases, data on web contacts currently do not last for more than seven days.

Please refer to the "Cookie Policy" section of this statement.

Data provided voluntarily by you
Whenever you opt voluntarily to send emails to the addresses indicated on this website, and where forms (Contact info/Complaint Form/Support request) and/or newsletter sign-up forms require you to enter data, we acquire your address - which is required in order to reply to the enquiry - as well as other personal data that you may have entered.
Specific summarized statements are referenced or displayed on pages of the website that require you to enter your data (Contact info/Complaint Form/Support request).

Data of a personal nature that you provide voluntarily will be processed, until you opt out, for the following purposes:

  • browsing this website;
  • answering a request to be contacted, which involves submitting the information requested;
  • supplying the products and services ordered and fulfilling contractual obligations;
  • where compelled by laws and regulations;
  • book-keeping, invoicing, credit management, and for administration and accounting purposes in general. For the purpose of applying personal data protection regulations, processing carried out for administration and accounting purposes refers to processing associated with carrying out activities of an organizational, administrative, financial and accounting nature, regardless of the nature of the data processed. More specifically, internal organizational activities, activities carried out to fulfil contractual and pre-contractual obligations, and activities for informational purposes fall into this category;
  • emailing newsletters and regular communications, where you have so specifically requested the service through the relevant online form (Contact info/Complaint Form/Support request);
  • all business activities in general pertaining to your current dealings with us.

PROCESSING PRACTICES Personal data are processed using automated means only for as long as strictly necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they were originally collected. Specific security measures are adopted to prevent data loss, illegal or incorrect use and unauthorized access.

EXTENT OF DISCLOSURE AND DISSEMINATION The data being processed will not be shared, sold or exchanged to/with third parties without your explicit consent. Data will be disclosed only to individuals who are responsible for performing duties linked to the contract and complying with legal obligations. Consequently, data may be disclosed to third parties belonging to the following categories:

  • parties providing IT management services;
  • firms or companies we use for support and consulting services;
  • government bodies, public bodies and competent authorities for the fulfilment of legal obligations and/or for the purpose of meeting the requirements of public bodies;
  • other companies in the Group and/or business network or private individuals directly involved in providing the service or legally entitled to be privy to the data.

Whatever the case, only the relevant data required for the purpose of processing that the parties mentioned above have been tasked with shall be disclosed to said parties.

Apart from the usage data as mentioned above, you can opt to provide us with personal data as required by the website's forms (Contact info/Complaint Form/Support request) or in order to ask us to send newsletters, informational material, quotes or other communications.
Failure to supply such data may mean we will not be able to satisfy your request.

TRANSFER OF DATA TO NON-EU COUNTRIES We have no intention of transferring the personal data collected to non-EU countries.

RETENTION PERIOD FOR THE COLLECTED DATA Personal data collected for the above-mentioned purposes will be retained at our company premises for as long as necessary to carry out the relevant activities (or as stated on the data collection web pages - Contact info/Complaint Form/Support request); after which, they will be destroyed (right to be forgotten) or, where necessary, transformed into anonymous form (pseudonymization) for statistical or record purposes.
For personal data collected for administrative and accounting purposes, the data retention period will comply with the relevant legal obligations; after which, data will be destroyed (right to be forgotten) or, where necessary, transformed into anonymous form (pseudonymization) for statistical or record purposes.

Pursuant to art. 7 section 3 and pursuant to art. 17 section 1 point b), you are entitled, at any time, to withdraw the consent you gave when filling in web forms with your personal data. You may withdraw consent by writing to our Data Controller using the contact details given in the next section.


When signing up to a mailing list, you give your explicit consent, thus providing your personal data voluntarily and of your own free will. The data entered are sent to the Data Controller. It is worth remembering that sending data via the internet is not, in principle, entirely secure, and hence we are unable to ensure they are 100% protected.

Once stored, the data entered during the registration process will be sent to MailChimp (The Rocket Science Group), which provides newsletter mailing list and newsletter emailing management tools. You can find Mailchimp's privacy policy at

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link included in all TeMa newsletters.

RIGHTS OF DATA SUBJECTS With reference to the above-mentioned processing, you are entitled to exercise your rights set out in articles 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 of the EU GDPR no. 679/16 (right to access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing and notification by the Data controller regarding Rectification/Erasure/Restriction).
With reference to the above-mentioned processing, you are entitled to exercise your rights set out in article 7 of the Italian Privacy Act (D.Lgs. 196/2003), within the limits and terms laid down in articles 8, 9 and 10 of said Act.
You can exercise the above-mentioned rights by writing directly to the Data Controller or Officer at the addresses below:

Requests can be submitted to TeMa srl through one of the following channels:
Phone: +39 0438 5031
Postal mail: TeMa srl – Via dell’Industria, 21 - 31029 VITTORIO VENETO (TV) Italy.


(Regulation issued on 8 May 2014 by the Italian information commissioner's office ("Garante") as published in the Italian Official Gazette (G.U.) no.126 on 3 June 2014 in implementation of directive 2002/58/EC)

Cookies are small text-only strings of data that websites you visit send to the device you are viewing the site on - usually to your browser - where they are stored and subsequently sent back to the websites in question when you next visit them. As you browse a site, you may also have cookies placed on your device by different websites or web servers (so-called "third-party cookies") on which certain elements - such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages on other domains - can reside that are present on the website you are visiting .
Cookies, which are usually found in user browsers in large numbers and which can sometimes be highly persistent in nature, are used for different purposes, such as running computer authentication processes, session monitoring, storing information on specific configurations regarding users who access the server, etc.

CATEGORIES OF COOKIES Cookies fall into two main categories: "strictly necessary" cookies and "targeting" cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies Strictly necessary cookies, according to art. 122, section 1 of the Italian Privacy Act, are cookies used only for the purpose of enabling communication to be sent over an electronic communication network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an IT company service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to deliver said service.
They are not used for additional purposes and are normally installed directly by the site owner or administrator. They can be classified as persistent or session cookies, required to enable you to move around the website and use its services and features (for example, they allow you to make a purchase or log in to restricted areas).
Analytics cookies can be regarded as strictly necessary cookies where used directly by the website administrator for the purpose of collecting information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the site in question. Functionality cookies enhance your browsing experience based on a series of criteria selected (such as language preference, products placed in your shopping cart) to provide improved services.
Another type of cookie is the so-called Flash cookie (Local Shared Object), used in Adobe Flash Player to deliver certain content, such as video clips or animation so as to remember your settings and preferences. Flash cookies are stored on your device but are managed via a different interface to that provided by the browser you are using.
The Adobe website provides information on how to clear or disable Flash cookies for a specific domain.
Your prior consent is not required to place these cookies on your device, although art. 13 of the Italian Privacy Act still requires the website administrator to provide a Privacy Statement, using whatever method they deem most appropriate, when using just these devices.

Targeting cookies The purpose of targeting cookies is to create user profiles, and they are used to send targeted advertisements that are more relevant to you based on the preferences you have shown while browsing online. Given that these devices invade your privacy, European and Italian regulations require that you be suitably advised of their use and thus give your explicit informed consent.
These cookies are covered under art. 122 of the Italian Privacy Act, which states that storing of information on the terminal of a contracting party or user, or access to previously stored information, are only permitted provided that the contracting party or user has given their consent once provided with the relevant statement following the simplified procedures set out in art. 13, section 3 (art. 122, section 1 of the Act).

Strictly necessary cookies – first-party cookies
These cookies enable you to move around the website and use its services and features, and allow connection between the server and your browser. These cookies allow the site to function properly and enable it to display content on the device you are using. Without these cookies, you may not be able to access certain features, such as logging in to the site or filling an online shopping cart.
These are strictly necessary cookies, essential to the functioning of the site.

Functionality cookies - first-party cookies
These are cookies stored on your computer or other device that - based on your requests - save the choices you have made so that they can remember them to optimize your browsing experience and improve and tailor the service and access to this site (e.g. saving your password in restricted areas, saving products to your cart so that you will find them when you come back, saving your language preference, playing a video or allowing you to comment on a blog, etc.).
Functionality cookies are not essential to the functioning of the site, but improve browsing quality and experience.

Performance cookies – Third-party cookies
These are cookies that gather information on how you use the website, such as which web pages you visit most frequently. This site uses third-party cookies set by "Google Analytics", a statistical analytics service provided and managed by Google. The Google Analytics system on has been set up to reduce the cookies' ability to identify you, and the relevant functions allowing data sharing by the third party have been disabled. With these settings, this type of cookie is comparable to a strictly necessary cookie.

Useful addresses for a better understanding of the Google Analytics privacy policy:
Performance cookies are not essential to the functioning of the site.
Please note that you can also set cookie preferences to be applied to cookies used on the site (see detailed list in the section under "types of cookies") via your browser settings following the instructions given below. You can also set "private browsing/incognito mode", which allows you to surf the net without saving any information on sites, pages visited, any passwords entered or other parameter information.

The duration of cookies is dictated by the expiration date, or by a specific action like closing your browser, set at the time of installation. Cookies can be:

  • session cookies - used to store temporary information, they allow for your actions during a specific session to be linked and are cleared from your computer when you close the browser;
  • persistent cookies - used to store information, such as your name and login password, so that you do not have to enter it again every time you visit a specific site. They remain stored on your computer even after you close the browser.

if you choose to disable all types of cookies (including strictly necessary cookies), please be aware that you may not be able to access certain site features, or their performance may be hindered.

How to disable the types of cookies used on this website directly via your browser:
Chrome .
Internet Explorer .

Further information on how to control, manage and delete cookies on your device: For further information, visit: or or

If you are using a web browser not included in the list given above, please refer to your browser's documentation or online guide for further information. Please be advised that the Controller acts merely as a technical intermediary for links featured in this document and cannot be held responsible in the event of any changes.

Controller: the Data Controller, as required by the Privacy Act, is the author of this policy, TeMa - Technologies and Materials - S.r.l, headquartered in Italy at Via dell’Industria, 21 – 31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV), in the person of the duly authorized representative pro tem.

You are entitled to ask the Data controller to erase, report on, update, rectify or complete personal data held on you and, more generally speaking, you are entitled to exercise all the rights laid down in art. 7 of the Italian Privacy Act, a copy of which is provided below.

Rights of Data subjects articles 15 to 22 EU Reg. 2016/679
Pursuant to articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 of the GDPR, you are entitled to exercise the rights set out therein and, more specifically:
(i) to have access to personal data;
(ii) to have data concerning him or her rectified or erased or obtain restriction of processing. Where the Data Subject requests erasure, he or she also has the right to require the Co-Controllers – taking account of available technology and the cost of implementation – to take reasonable steps, including technical measures, to inform other data controllers who are processing the personal data that the Data Subject has requested the erasure of any links to, copies or replication of those personal data;
(iii) to object to the processing;
(iv) to obtain data portability;
(v) to withdraw consent at any time; the withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal;
(vi) to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Privacy Statement.

In accordance with art. 13 of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Dear Customer,
pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament, please be advised that:
- the personal data you provide will be used within the limits and in the fulfilment of the purposes under your current contract with us; more specifically, your personal data will be processed for the purpose of meeting our obligations relating to and arising out of the performance of any administrative, business, accounting and tax-related activities;
- the supply of data is voluntary; however, should you decline to supply said data or not consent to their processing, we shall be unable to fulfil our legal obligations and any obligations arising out of the contract;
- personal data provided by you shall be processed "lawfully and fairly", as set out in art. 11;
- processing will be carried out with the aid of electronic and/or automated systems, access to which will be restricted to authorized individuals only in full compliance with the requirements of the Italian Privacy Act and, more specifically, the relevant regulations on minimum security measures ("Disciplinatore Tecnico in Materia di Misure Minime di Sicurezza");
- data may be shared with:

  • financial departments, social security and welfare bodies and, generally speaking, any bodies in charge of monitoring and auditing compliance in relation to the purposes laid out above;
  • employees and processors tasked with managing and carrying out data processing in relation to the services you have requested; all individuals have been duly instructed and trained on what requirements must be met and what measures must be taken for privacy purposes;
  • parties (if any) outside our organization that we have entered into specific agreements with regarding the measures to be taken in order to ensure the security of the data entrusted to them; whatever the case, data will be processed only to fulfil the purposes laid out above;
  • the Data Controller is: TeMa - Technologies and Materials - S.r.l;
    You can contact the Data Protection Officer by emailing:
    The legal basis for processing as set out above is the data subject's consent.
    We have no intention of transferring personal data to a third country or international organization [art. 13 section 1 point f)]

- you are entitled to exercise your rights against the data controller at any time.

1) As the data subject, you are entitled to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data are being held on you, including data not yet registered, and to ask for a copy of them in intelligible form.

2) As the data subject, you are entitled to ask for:
a) the source of personal data;
b) the purposes of processing and the processing practices employed;
c) the logic applied in the event of processing carried out by electronic means;
d) the identity and contact details of the controller, officers or processors, and the designated representative in accordance with article 5, section 2;
e) the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed during the course of their activities as designated representative in the country, officers or individuals tasked with processing.

3) As the data subject, you are entitled to request:
a) the updating, rectification or, if so desired, completion of data;
b) the erasure, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of personal data that have been unlawfully processed, including data that no longer need to be kept in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed;
c) confirmation that the operations mentioned under points a) and b) have been communicated (including their contents) to each recipient with/to whom data have been shared or disclosed, unless this proves impossible or involves disproportionate effort.

4) As the data subject, you are entitled to object, either fully or in part:
a) to the processing of personal data concerning you, for legitimate reasons, even where said data are relevant to the purpose of collection;
b) to the processing of personal data concerning you for direct marketing purposes or for the purpose of carrying out market research or sending commercial communications.

The Controller reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, update, add or remove parts of this privacy statement at any time. Please check back here regularly for any changes. In order to help you identify any changes, the statement has a "last updated" date.
Your continued use of the site following publication of such changes shall be construed as your acceptance of those revised terms.
Last updated: 8 July 2021.



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