Waterproofing membranes and accessories

For waterproofing walls and floors - both on new builds and renovation projects - TeMa has a 3-ply waterproofing membrane called TH2 Stop that, when laid under tiles, is designed to protect against moisture and vapour.

With the extensive range of accessories and other materials, you can rest assured that every inch of your bathroom or other project will be well and truly waterproof, even those awkward-to-reach spots.

  • Waterproofing tape


    Accessory: waterproofing tape Three-layer waterproofing strap with polyethylene core, coupled on both side with a po...
  • Pre-formed piece for external corners waterproofing

    T-Corner E

    Accessory: pre-formed piece for external corners waterproofing Waterproofing corners.   Functions Waterproofing...
  • Pre-formed piece for inner corners waterproofing

    T-Corner I

    Accessory: pre-formed piece for inner corners waterproofing Waterproofing corners.   Functions Waterproofing (b...
  • Single-component, water-hardening adhesive


    Accessory: single-component, water-hardening adhesive Single-component, water-hardening adhesive based on ST polymer...
  • Waterproofing element for pipes

    T-Wall Collar

    Pre-drilled gusset for pipe waterproofing T-Wall Collar is a pre-drilled sealing plug used as an external seal for t...
  • Three-layered waterproofing membrane

    TH2 Stop

    Three-layered waterproofing membrane for application under tiles Single-component, water-hardening adhesive based on...



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