Waterproofing panels and accessories

TeMa Interior Solutions has panels and components for waterproofingbuilding (and renovating), and decorating bathrooms. They include the extruded expanded polystyrene (XPS) Water Panel - sandwiched between two waterproof and vapour-proof facers - and T-Art Components for creating waterproofed tile-over recesses: designed to deliver the comfort and looks demanded by customers with quick and reliable solutions that can be implemented with a fast and flexible job site, even when tackling complex features.

  • Waterproofing tape


    Accessory: waterproofing tape Three-layer waterproofing strap with polyethylene core, coupled on both side with a po...
  • Single-component, water-hardening adhesive


    Accessory: single-component, water-hardening adhesive Single-component, water-hardening adhesive based on ST polymer...
  • Elements for the construction of tileable waterproofed niches


    Elements for the construction of tileable waterproofed niches Prefabricated elements for the construction of niches,...
  • Tileable waterproofed niches, with separating board

    T-Niche S

    Elements for the construction of tileable waterproofed niches, with separating board Prefabricated elements with sea...
  • Waterproofing xps panel

    Water Panel

    XPS panel with a waterproof facer on both sides XPS panel. On both sides, a waterproof facer. Water Panel is availab...



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