Technical and sales organization

We are a young business with, we believe, one of the widest sales presences, reaching 80 countries around the world: professionals with impressive technical and business backgrounds who provide solutions tailored to each customer's requirements through a diversified network of distributors.

Having a constant finger on the pulse of the most demanding international markets spurs us to constantly improve our products and services. Our strongly customer-oriented professional growth hinges on experience sharing, training of in-house personnel and keeping partners outside TeMa up to date: growth aimed at meeting customer demands, and guiding their decisions by offering solutions catering specifically to each individual issue.

Technical expertise
Sales network

Far-reaching sales network

Regional agencies

Regional agencies

manned by a team of proficient professionals

Technical Sales Office

Technical / sales department

providing agencies with support

Customer service, Logistics

Customer service and logistics



Meetings and seminars

training and instruction activities

International partnership

International partnerships

continual pursuit of new solutions

Innovation boost

Drive for innovation

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Research, Development and Certified Quality


The effectiveness of continuous research

Constant commitment to research is a hallmark of TeMa's success. At our R&D department we work on new solutions and technologies every day in order to offer our customers cutting-edge products. We have developed countless international patents and our experimentation is ongoing.

Product quality is further ensured by testing to check longevity, compressive strength, drainage capacity under the most critical conditions... These are just some of the properties tested by the TeMa laboratory daily to ensure that our products meet strict pre-established quality standards.

It is in this relentless pursuit of excellence that TeMa has chosen to implement a UNI EN ISO 9001-certified quality system designed to ensure top performance across the whole production process. In compliance with the CPD (Construction Product Directive) 89/106/EEC, the TeMa product ranges have followed the procedure to be awarded the CE mark.



All aspects of work are monitored and continuously optimized: design, manufacturing, and pre- and after-sales support. Weighing ourselves up against the most accredited independent laboratories drives us to continuously improve test and inspection procedures.

  • Research and development
  • Testing on raw materials
  • Inspection of finished products and prototypes for quality and performance
  • Compilation and updating of product Safety Data Sheets
  • Quality control
  • Certifications
  • Production process supervision and control
  • Random testing of production lots and compliance checks

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The solid backing of a solid team

TeMa has an in-house technical department capable of assisting customers, from identifying the right solution through to determining the best installation procedures for each specific application.

Our engineers support the sales network and help customers assess one or more products identified as candidates for solving a given technical issue and meeting a project's specifications.

Following a preliminary analysis of all the variables involved, they provide all the relevant information on the product's technical properties, illustrating product certifications and product technical specifications.


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TeMa supports instruction and technical training; find out how to access training events nationwide across Italy.


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