Highly effective green solutions for geotechnical projects.

TeMa Geo Solutions: ideas and solutions for building with geosynthetics

TeMa Geo Solutions develops technologies and products for protection, maintenance, retention, reinforcement and drainage in the field of major environmental projects. Research and development of highly efficient solutions with a low environmental impact are the recognized mainstay of a company that offers its customers excellent hi-tech products.

TeMa Geo Solutions products are used in the following applications: reinforced soil projects, landfills and contaminated sites, dry slopes, tunnels, drainage ditches, roads and synthetic turf soccer fields.

For each application, membranes, geocomposites, matting, facings, geogrids, pipes and relevant accessories are designed to serve various functions, including - amongst other things - drainage, reinforcement, waterproofing, erosion control, retention, grip, etc...

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Cutting-edge solutions for every industry

TeMa Technologies and Materials is proud to offer cutting-edge solutions catering to the requirements of construction and engineering industries operating in the following sectors: infrastructure, environment, architecture, landscaping, buildings.

Hillside vineyard



Full range of TeMa Geo materials specifically designed for vineyard installation and maintenance.
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