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TeMa Corporation - Experts in finding solutions: a case study

The galloping of horses, the demolishing power of hooves and a high-performance solution. In short, one of our intervention works in Kyalami, Johannesburg, South Africa (2019). This is an equestrian arena where a new moisture management and drainage system had to be designed while ensuring the durability of the work and the well-being of the

TeMa Geo Solutions - Embankments

Made of masonry alone, embellished with different types and colours of plants and flowers, and of varying heights, embankments are often part of public buildings in parks and squares, but also a distinctive feature of private gardens. In the urban construction context, embankments can be borders for roadside verges, steps and flowerbeds, reaching a relatively

Advantages of the terrace and balcony system

It is a pleasure to make use of a terrace or a balcony. There is no lack of opportunities, whether it is just for relaxing or enjoying the space for dinners and gatherings with friends, with the added bonus of the scenery. Moreover, due to the pandemic, in recent months we have rediscovered these small

Building - Retaining walls

Supporting walls or retaining walls are vertical structures intended to support and retain accumulations of natural or artificial materials and ensure their stability. In the part in contact with the ground, the supporting structures are naturally covered with a waterproofing membrane, which must be protected from damage during construction operations and during subsequent settlement of

TeMa Geo Solutions - Protecting the vineyard landscape

The photo conjures up a lofty tale: “Autumn arrives and with it, the first rains, days draw in, the temperature starts to drop and, above all… it’s harvest time!” We’re in the eastern corner of the Veneto region, the Prosecco hills have outdone themselves once again this year and a steady stream of grape-laden trailers

La scelta sostenibile di TeMa Technologies and Materials

We started out almost 30 years ago and being environmentally responsible has always been part of our philosophy, partly due to the fact that our headquarters are located less than three kilometres from the core zone of the hills recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and just over 6 km from the edge of

No-Crack - disconnecting and much more

The main function of the No-Crack membrane, consisting of an HDPE studded layer with a roughened surface and a spunbonded polypropylene fabric, is to act as a bridge between the screed and the tiles.   The disconnecting function Temperature fluctuations in open spaces and the constant presence of moisture in closed environments such as bathrooms

Damp Proofing vs Waterproofing

Damp Proofing vs Waterproofing

Damp-proofing and waterproofing are terms we often encounter in the building industry and they refer to a specific function. In product presentation and technical documentation, the two terms are often equated, leading to confusion, also due to “cross-translations” from English into other languages. Important differences distinguish these two terms. Whether you are planning a new

Being an international company does not mean selling abroad. It means creating or adapting products to the needs of other countries worldwide. Products that are naturally different to ours because the morphology of the land, the climate, the critical issues at stake and therefore people’s needs, are different. In this sense, internationalisation is the result

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Cloudbursts are sudden heavy rainstorms that, unfortunately, are becoming increasingly frequent. Short but intense, they mainly occur in the summer season, even if it is a myth to debunk because they are also a common occurrence in other seasons. The enormous amount of water concentrated over a short period of time, makes these phenomena potentially

TeMa Geo Solutions has presented two important publications summarising the products and technologies used in the field of major environmental works, which have enabled the Vittorio Veneto-based company to convince designers on all continents. In addition to novelties, in the new catalogue we present solutions for intervention works in the environmental field that respect a

Tips For Laying T-Kone

T-Kone is an HDPE studded membrane available in various versions: T-Kone S, T-Kone, T-Kone G Drain, T-Kone G Drain Plus and T-Kone G Drain Grip. T-Kone S and T-Kone are bare, whereas T-Kone G Drain is bonded with a geotextile, T-Kone G Drain Plus with a geotextile and a damp-proofing element, and T-Kone G Drain


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