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teMa Building Solutions - Coperture zavorrate

Something of an innovation in the Italian building scene, while also being a useful device for protecting the roof, the ballasted flat roof is a solution that can become a distinctive feature of either a residential or commercial building. Unlike the traditional system involving the use of concrete, using gravel is an option that brings

TeMa Corporation - Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

The term lifelong learning refers to the process aimed at ensuring skill levels keep pace with new professional needs and market innovations as they emerge. In the field of residential, commercial and infrastructure construction, technologies and work processes are developing constantly and at a heady pace, driven by research and by the demands of designers.

BUILDING - Green surfaces and green roofs: everything you need to know about the benefits and technical ins and outs

In recent years, “green” has become more and more of a buzzword, encompassing simple and cost-effective solutions that can be adopted by anyone with a roof. We’re talking green roofs, which, in addition to bringing undeniable environmental benefits, are the perfect place for relaxing with the family or enjoying summer drinks with friends. The origins

GEO - Technical considerations in building reinforced soil walls

Reinforced soil walls have proved highly popular in recent years and are produced wherever possible, taking the place of concrete-faced soil retaining wall systems. Employed in a range of different environments, they bring significant advantages, both financial and environmental. Indeed, unlike concrete-faced soil retaining wall systems, they: are sustainable because they give a vegetated finish;

Building - Tips for the correct laying of TMD 1011

For vertical applications, such as foundation walls, and for horizontal applications, such as flat roofs, mechanical protection of waterproofing is required and, often, also drainage: TMD 1011 is a studded membrane, produced by TeMa Building Solutions, that performs both functions: drainage for vertical applications and waterproofing protection for horizontal applications.   A few tips for

TeMa Geo Solutions - Cycle and pedestrian paths

Longer days, milder afternoons, a great desire to spend time outdoors and perhaps get some physical exercise, but also go to work and school or visit a friend… These are all good reasons for using, when available, cycle and pedestrian paths, possibly far from urban traffic.   The advantages of sustainable mobility We are increasingly

BUILDING - Drainage for diaphragms and berlin walls

Some of the most widely used works in the civil engineering field are diaphragms and berlin walls, which counteract strong thrusts of the soil and prevent landslides and structural subsidence. Diaphragms are supporting walls consisting of pointed vertical elements (piles) or continuous elements (walls) made of steel or reinforced concrete. They are driven into the

Corporation - Literally putting them to the test.

Ensuring that products fulfil the required functions and standards has been our mission since the outset of our company. All materials exposed to sunlight, moisture and temperature changes are exposed to the damaging effects of nature. There’s also erosion due to rain, which can play a major role in the deterioration of many building materials.

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GEO - Case study Piemonte

For the extension works at the Serravalle Retail Park shopping centre in the Piedmont region, we helped the company choose the solutions to implement and assisted with verifications. The area covering about 2,000 sqm required some intervention work regarding reinforced earth structures and drainage. In particular, we undertook the preliminary work for extension works dating

Waterproofing when concrete casting

Concrete casting involves creating a new concrete element as a continuation of an already existing one. Most often it’s impossible to create a monolithic block with a single casting: consider, for example, very large structures or the connection between vertical and horizontal walls. With concrete casting you can obtain monolithic structures with their own characteristics,

GEO - Controlling surface erosion with biomats and geomats

Soil erosion is an almost inevitable natural phenomenon that has become a greater concern in recent years due to the worsening climate situation – in Italy, for example, 132 extreme weather events were recorded between January and July 2022, a higher number than the annual average over the last decade – combined with long periods

Corporation - EDP Certification

With the new EPD certification, TeMa Technologies and Materials provides information about the level of sustainability of its products: this includes most of the membranes and geocomposites manufactured on its production lines. For 30 years, TeMa has regarded environmental protection as a duty and obligation towards the community and future generations. What is EPD and