We develop solutions for applications in civil and geotechnical engineering, landscaping, erosion and sediment control and transport projects; low-impact development projects implemented through a vast range of products.
Our presence in many different areas worldwide means we can gather information on a whole host of situations requiring work to address various issues, calling for us to implement new solutions: solutions that often demand innovative products.
This innovation is something that actually happens every day, evolving in our laboratories, nurtured by expertise and passion in order to come up with the best product for streamlining the process, to achieve the best possible outcome.
Another global strategic focus is environmental compatibility: the climate is unforgiving in its air quality and the violence of weather events, and people like us who are aware of the issue are addressing it daily with investments in technology and systems to steer us in the right direction: we want to hit 0 emissions by 2050.
We walk this earth: something that our customers' engineers and designers are well aware of. We are known in expert circles for our real-world approach, as well as our ability to always have an answer at the ready, sometimes an unexpected and bold one. No small thing given the sheer extent of our product portfolio.
Our creative Italian flair is teamed with solid research and production technologies and this makes us a very attractive proposition for anyone wanting to get their business on the fast track.
We appreciate the economic and social role we play as a business, which is why we strive to be a fair, reliable partner worthy of the trust of our customers, business partners and anyone who works with us. In our business activities and interactions with the supply and procurement chain, we aim to consistently meet ethical and legal standards, and we ask the organizations we work with to do the same.