In recent months, the terrace has been the favourite place for families to spend a little time outdoors. This is why designers, seeing it gain in popularity, have started to acknowledge it as increasingly important and charming.


Any self-respecting project cannot fail to consider the many activities that these outdoor areas can accommodate, starting from the simplest, such as a popular dinner with friends and family, to the most demanding, such as growing floral plants or creating green areas. If, on the one hand, technology accompanied by the enhancement of the aesthetic aspect of a project have helped to develop these comfort zones, on the other hand, it has become essential to protect them from weather conditions and atmospheric events.


No-Crack: the ideal solution for balconies and terraces

Rain and temperature changes are the number one enemies of terraces. The former causes unsightly stains and mould, whereas the latter create tension between the under-tile screed and tiles that reveal cracks in the floor.


Dual function: disconnecting and waterproofing

This gave rise the idea of developing a membrane such as No-Crack, which combines a disconnecting function with a waterproofing one. Its rough HDPE studded fabric, coupled with a spunbonded polypropylene fabric, neutralises the transmission of tensions under the floor, avoiding the spread and rising of cracks in tiles. But this is not all! If the membrane is sealed with the T-Bandel tape accessory, it performs a waterproofing function by eliminating the risk of water seepage, allowing your terrace to remain unaltered over time.

Quick application, combined with minimal use of building materials, can give you extra space that you can peacefully enjoy, thanks to unique TeMa products.


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