Roads and Pavements
Roads and Pavements – Stabilization‌
Roads and Pavements – Stabilization

Geosynthetics are widely used in a number of applications relating to the construction and rehabilitation of roads and pavements.

Typical applications are as follows:-

  • • Asphalt reinforcement: For resurfacing of existing road wearing
    course where reflective cracking is an ongoing problem.
  • • Asphalt overlays to concrete slab surfaces such as on airport
    runways, aprons or motorways.
  • • Strengthening and stabilization of granular sub-base layers to
    increase bearing capacity and also reduce overall thickness.
  • • Reinforcement of unpaved roads and temporary working platforms
  • • Sub-surface drainage in the form of capillary break drainage

composites to prevent bearing capacity reduction due to water ingress of the sub-base layers TeMa Geo offer a range of products to meet all project requirements, with the use of multiple raw materials such as Polyester, (PET) Fiberglass (FG) and Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)