Landfills and contaminated sites
Landfills – Waterproofing‌
Landfills – Waterproofing

The strata proposed by current regulations using natural materials do not seem to take into consideration all possible geometric variations common in any landfill.

This is obvious when looking at the waterproofing layer when using clay. For example the slope of the sides and the capping are often so thick that the stability of natural materials with low angles of internal friction cannot be guaranteed.

In such cases the use or a GCL (Geosynthetic Clay Liner) such as Barrier Bento can ensure correct waterproofing and can substitute or integrate the natural barrier.

As with synthetic drainage products the use of a GCL barrier also gives several advantages:

• reduction of the thicknesses of the waterproofing layers thus increasing the volume of waste that can be stored by approximately 0.5 m3 for each square meter.

• huge reduction in the number of trucks thus significantly reducing traffic and also pollution

• quicker completion of the project due to the lower requirement for materials and their ease of installation