Landfills and contaminated sites
Landfills – Drainage‌
Landfills – Drainage

The drainage of liquids and biogas is a problem both at the bottom and also the top of the landfill.
At the base and also the sides of the landfill, the drainage collects and remove the percolate, and in some cases can also be used to monitor the waterproofing layer for leaks.

The capping drainage system removes rainwater avoiding ponding and leakage, another important function is the collection and extraction of the biogas through extractor vents.
Using drainage products from the QDrain and T-Drain families as an alternative to gravel brings a series of significant advantages, such as:
• reduction of the thickness of the drainage layer, thereby increasing the volume for waste storage by 1 m3 per square meter of surface area
• huge reduction in the number of trucks (1 truck of drainage product is equivalent to 200 trucks of gravel) thus significantly reducing traffic and also pollution
• quicker completion of the project due to the lower requirement for materials and their ease of installation
• avoids problems with the stability of the gravel on steeper slopes.