Landfills and contaminated sites‌
Landfills and contaminated sites

Landfills must be designed and built to create an effective barrier to isolate and contain the waste as well as protecting the surrounding environment and ground water from any associated contamination. The quality and technical performance of all those products used must be without question. TeMa Srl manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of products for use in this key environmental sector.
The individual functions of the geosynthetic components of a landfill can be identified as follows:-

  • • Leak detection; under the primary liner layer
  • • Interception and venting of gases
  • • Drainage of the internal cell slopes and base and final capping layer
  • • Providing an impermeable barrier in the form of a membrane or GCL
  • • Reinforcement within the system to prevent overstressing or soil slippages

Landfill design and construction utilizes many different geosynthetic products each providing unique functions throughout the construction, operational lifetime and closure of each individual cell.