In all three of its divisions, TeMa has an in-company technical department that supports and assists its customers in the various phases of implementing a project. We take care of all the details, from choosing the solution to using the method of installation.


At TeMa, our technicians use in-depth analysis and cutting-edge software to propose effective, complete and reliable solutions for any type of intervention in the field of geosynthetic products. The dimensional evaluation, structural checks and specifications of the products to be used are of considerable support for the planner or the contractor. But that’s not all. The same is also true for the most experienced operators in the sector who feel the need to expand their knowledge, gaining experience in a constantly developing field. And the outcome? Being able to propose versatile solutions in step with technologies.

The companies in the IWIS Group, including TeMa, have implemented their production plants using innovative technologies, investing in a system that ensures that soil, air and water are protected. We have three photovoltaic plants, 200 kWp, 150 kWp and 100 kWp, which allow us to use energy obtained from renewable sources. The holding company also uses recycled materials for some of its production processes, relying on 4 specific plants for recycling plastics.


TeMa Geo has the support of a research laboratory, among other things, since the company firmly believes that only constant commitment to researching and developing new solutions is the key to success and constant improvement. Collaboration between the technical office and the testing and quality laboratory, especially in the geosynthetics sector, is fundamental: it gives the company’s customers state-of-the-art solutions with researched and tested products while supporting planners and contractors with the correct installation of the proposed solutions. Tests of durability, compressive strength and drainage capacity in the most critical situations are just some of the tests that TeMa laboratories carry out daily to ensure that its products meet the strict pre-established quality standards. The fact that these products are natural and/or recycled guarantees that they are not harmful to the environment, confirming TeMa’s commitment to environmental protection.

It is precisely this continuous pursuit of excellence that has allowed TeMa to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification, which acknowledges a quality system with the highest levels of performance. Moreover, in compliance with the CPD (Construction Product Directive) 89/106/EEC, the product ranges proposed by TeMa have followed the procedure to obtain the CE mark.


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