Interior wet walls
Interior wet walls – Coverage wet walls systems‌
Interior wet walls – Coverage wet walls systems

Damp in the interior walls of homes is mainly due to:
1. Absence of waterproofing systems in the external part of the wall (the one in contact with the foundation soil).

2. Damage to the waterproofing system due to the absence of an efficient “mechanical protection of the waterproofing”.

3. Air saturated with moisture (lack of adequate ventilation) and presence of cold masonry (wall not thermally insulated) cause condensation of water vapour on the cold wall.

All this can cause a series of phenomena such as:

A. Appearances of whitish areas on the walls (phenomenon called “efflorescence”) due to salt deposits

B. Detachment of surface plaster

C. Appearance of moist areas

The best solution is to identify the “real cause” among the three listed above and to radically eliminate. However, this is often extremely difficult and expensive. T-Kone Plaster is the solution to the problem. The 8 mm air gap between the original wall and the “new wall” ensures air circulation while the special base profile eliminates excess moisture.