Uncoupling membranes and accessories

Ceramic tiling can be protected against cracks appearing on the surface and tiles breaking away by including a uncoupling product that will maintain the quality of the building over time.

With its studded structure, No-Crack allows for subtle movement and neutralizes the transfer of underlying tensions, acting as a bridge over cracks. It stops cracks from working their way up to the flooring, whether they are the result of the screed shrinking as it dries, or generated by friction between the screed and flooring.

  • HDPE uncoupling membrane


    HDPE uncoupling membrane and PP spunbonded fabric Separating membrane made up of a HDPE honeycomb layer with rough s...
  • Sealing butyl tape with tnt

    T-Bandel B

    Accessory: sealing butyl tape with tnt Sealing butyl tape with tnt; overlapping and pre-cut release. To be used as p...
  • Waterproofing tape


    Accessory: waterproofing tape Three-layer waterproofing strap with polyethylene core, coupled on both side with a po...
  • Two-component cement adhesive


    Accessory: two-component elastic waterproof cement adhesive Two-component elastic waterproof cement adhesive for str...
  • Single-component, water-hardening adhesive


    Accessory: single-component, water-hardening adhesive Single-component, water-hardening adhesive based on ST polymer...