TeMa Geo Solutions offers a comprehensive and diverse range of geosynthetics products for use within the Civil Engineering and Construction sectors. Our geogrids provide the strength required for the construction of reinforced soil structures and road foundations as well in mining and to enhance the lifetime of asphalt pavements. Geogrids can also contribute to ensuring
sustainable and cost effective solutions are incorporated into any design – offering opportunities to reduce the volume of aggregates needed as well as to utilize marginal or recycled fills.
We also manufacture a wide range of drainage geocomposites, for use across the spectrum of civil infrastructure projects. These composites allow the drainage of surface and ground water away from structures as well as providing gas venting and leachate drainage in landfill applications. Our combined product portfolio of composites can guarantee drainage flows even at the highest overburden pressures. Special product applications within the bridge and tunneling sector demand long term performance and durability, both of which are fundamental characteristic of all TeMa products. The use of our synthetic erosion control products in the form of geomats is also an important application area for us. Our 3-D monofilament mats can be used to ensure resistance to erosive forces such as direct rainfall, or within a channel environment to help resist hydraulic erosive forces. The incorporation of polymeric or steel meshes within this type of product also allows their use on rock slopes as well as for the reinforcement of thin topsoil or gravel layers in the veneer stability function. All TeMa products are CE marked where applicable. Please find out more by browsing through the following
product ranges.